Bucket List Road Trip

The bucket list road trip

Do you feel like escaping your everyday reality and work on your bucket list at the same time? I’ve been working on a blog that will show you how to do just this. This road trip is for the ones that want to see as much as possible in a few days without necessarily booking a guided tour. I would definitely recommend more than five days to do this amazing road trip, but for me, it’s all I had.

We left Vancouver, British Columbia at 6am on a Monday and we were back on the Friday afternoon of the same week. We travelled to Phoenix, Arizona with a stopover in Seattle, and we arrived at the airport to pick up our rental car before midday Monday. With over 2000 km driven in 5 days, there was no other way than to rent a convertible car to do this road trip.

Click here for day 1 of this bucket list road trip!


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