My name is Andrea and I started Spirit Bird Media in January 2018 but really, it has been in the making for years. I am a passionate traveller and I believe that a lot can be learnt from travelling the world. It sounds cheesy but it’s oh so true. From blogging, to events, to photography and painting;  I am an individual of many passions and projects as you will find out.

Spirit Bird Media is a website that is meant to inspire you to want more in life. Whether it’s about going back to school to learn a new career or just exploring your backyard, adventure is always out there. My goal is to inspire people to adventure more and discover something else but the ordinary lifestyle.

I have lists over lists of ideas and projects to start and accomplish. I always have a story to tell to whoever wants to listen, so I hope you are ready for this. I am all about gathering the awesomeness around me and sharing it with the world with the hope of maybe inspiring people along the way.

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