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Travelling Friends

Travelling Friends
Travelling Friends

Connecting on the memory of an adventure

A few years ago I got to hang out with this girl for 48 hours on the Big Island of Hawaii. I had just met her and we instantly became travelling friends. She recently reached out to me via social media; she had read my post about our Hawaiian adventure hiking to the now active Kilauea volcano. We connected on memories like this, like it happened yesterday. It was a great feeling. It felt warm. and it has ignited in me the need to keep pursuing new adventures filled with the unknown. Sometimes the best memories you can have are not about the view but about the people you meet.

If I hadn’t jumped into a car full of women that I had just met, I would of never experienced walking on a volcano that is now erupting on a constant basis.

It’s almost July and as the summer starts to show its true colours, the need to feel free and travel is back in full force. By the time we know it, it’s going to be fall and rainy again. Where will this birthday trip bring me to, which new country will I sign up for?


I met this amazingly fun girl one day, I don’t even remember how we met. Her eyes were blue and her hair was blonde, typical Swedish look. The bond we created started 8 years ago today. I remember her describing Sweden as mystical and rainy. Petra would say her country looks a lot like Canada but with more fur. I brought her to a St-Jean-Baptiste celebration at a house in Montreal and she played guitar to all the French speaking people around her. She liked to walk with no shoes on in the city and we ate poutine like anyone visiting Quebec should.

After Montreal Petra went back to see her family in Sweden and has been there ever since. I wonder what Sweden looks like in November.

Travelling isn’t just about seeing new destinations but it’s also about visiting long lost friends and reconnecting on a passion we all shared. When you travel, think about the people too;  who do you know that lives in that country? Who would you like to meet maybe?

Travelling friends are probably one of the best breeds because they are the ones that you can count on when you come visit them from the other side of the world.

On this note, stay in touch friends!


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