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The Spirit of Travelling

I am always reading through my old travel stories as they often bring back the spirit of travel in me.

A few years go, the travel bug made me quit my secure job with benefits. I packed my belongings into a storage unit and bought a one way ticket to Australia. It was a crazy adventure I was about to embark on.


Never would I have thought of quitting my full time job to move to the land of down under. I call this chapter of my life: quit your job and start from scratch on the other side of the world. The future was filled with the unknown and I was going with it.


Airlie Beach
Airlie Beach


I had been working at the same hotel for almost three years and I was itching to do something new. Even though I had the good life; it was simply unsatisfying. So why leave all this? The reason was: I don’t like simple, it’s boring.

Keeping that spirit of travelling alive is what makes everyday of this life even more special.

Giraffes in Sydney
Giraffes in Sydney


Quitting my job.

I will always remember the day that I finally got the courage to sit down with my intimidating and career orientated manager. I had a list of reasons why I wanted to go work and travel in Australia and I had to convince him that I would be back. Basically, the main thing I wanted to ask him was permission to go travel and for him to keep my position open. Here’s a secret; I had already bought my one way ticket and I was leaving no matter what. He obviously said no to my question and then spent 20 minutes telling me to chase my dreams. I was confused and intrigued when I left the meeting. Is this a crazy idea? I will never know if I don’t try. My manager had left with the only option to quit and that is how a new chapter of my life started.


Bondi Beach in Sydney
Bondi Beach in Sydney


Am I doing the right thing?


I had always wanted to go work and travel in Australia. But was I ready to take on the challenges that were associated to this bucket list item?


In an instant, I had to find a place to live and a job when I had all of that a few days ago. Living in Australia was turning out to be more of a learning experience than anything else.


The Australian Life


It was such a weird feeling when I had to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the car and also on the opposite side of the road. I also had to shake my shoes every morning to check for deadly spiders. Apparently they love dark corners and cool spots. Oh and don’t ask me about the brown snakes that are the same colour as dirt and that can paralyse you and even kill you! Hiking didn’t sound as fun anymore. Tax is always included which is some kind of satisfying when you’re not used to it. Everyone speaks another kind of English and best of all: Australians walk on the opposite side of the sidewalk!


Warning! Crocodiles on the beach!
You also have to look out for crocodiles on the beach!


Three years later

Now three years later, I still embrace the decision I made to quit this job and chase my dreams. This story is a good reminder that if you don’t try you will never know. That is also the spirit of travelling. Reach for you bucket list items and give them everything you have because these items are the chapters of your life. I quit my job and it was risky but it gave me lifetime memories in exchange.


 Always creating, always chasing something new, never getting bored.  This is, Spirit Bird Media.


Whitehaven Beach in Australia
Whitehaven Beach in Australia

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