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Meet Arlene

Arlene is going to be 76 years old next month. I randomly got to share a gondola ride up the mountain with her last weekend in Whistler. It was a bluebird day and I was going up there to clear my mind and get inspired by the mountains.

Arlene used to be a mountain host at Big White in Kelowna for about 10 years. She came to Whistler on a 11 hour bus ride, on her own, to ski and visit relatives. Now that’s commitment. We started chatting in the gondola and her love for the mountains was instantly contagious. The adventure stories are flowing and I listen carefully as she tells me the last time she skied Whistler mountain was in 1978. That was 40 years ago!

I hadn’t even done one ski run yet and I had found what I needed. Arlene’s excitement to be skiing in Whistler on this bluebird day was palpable and her positivity was shining through. The legend that is Arlene is a true example of a long lasting love for the mountains but most of all; it’s her passion for life that is the most inspiring. Do you know anyone who would travel 11 hours on their own to go skiing?

We exchanged emails and it is only a matter of time until I make it to Big White, to ski with the biggest legend I know: Arlene.


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