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The Haunted Hostel

This road trip was not one of luxury or materialistic value. What really counted this time was what we were going to see, not the comfort level of our hotel bed. We chose to stay at a hostel in Flagstaff for the first couple of nights since it seemed like the best cost effective way to stay close to the Grand Canyon’s entrance without paying tourist prices. Staying in a hotel located close to any National Park would not only be pretty expensive but also very busy. We got to our hostel at sunset and we were excited to settle in to prepare for the next day’s adventure. An older looking man greeted us and he was immediately very friendly and helpful. One of the first things he tells us is that this hostel is haunted as the owners of the building got their throat slit back in the 1930s. Wow.

I’m not too sure what to say at this point except: let’s get out of here? We had been driving all day and we had gotten up really early to get to the airport, not in the mood for ghosts. All I really wanted was to check-in and relax. Instead, I am quietly wondering what we are doing here as my partner continues chatting with the man. I tune back into the conversation as the man is now telling us that this building used to be a brothel in the old days. Ok. I guess I can deal with that. The man from the front desk shows us to our room, and as he unlocks the door he also mentions that there are mice in the building ( or rats?). Fun! (Running away in my head.) Ghosts, mice or maybe even rats and a brothel,  great combo of things to tell your guests when they check in. Were they all urban legends being told to create a mesmerizing experience ? We thank the man and as he left, we looked at each other and had a small laugh. We were here for the road trip, the views and the stories and this hostel gave us just that on our first day. Needless to say that we didn’t sleep much during our first night, listening to all the sounds of the old haunted building. Tomorrow is another day and the natural wonders that we are about to see would make us look back at this day in a way that is just what it was; unexpected.”



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