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The road trip

Do you feel like escaping your everyday reality and work on your bucket list at the same time? I’ve been working on a blog that will show you how to do just this. This road trip is for the ones that want to see as much as possible in a few days without necessarily booking a guided tour. I would definitely recommend more than five days to do this amazing road trip, but for me, it’s all I had.

We left Vancouver, British Columbia at 6am on a Monday and we were back on the Friday afternoon of the same week. We travelled to Phoenix, Arizona with a stopover in Seattle, and we arrived at the airport to pick up our rental car before midday Monday. With over 2000 km driven in 5 days, there was no other way than to rent a convertible car to do this road trip. This series of posts is meant to inspire you to book that plane ticket and leave for a road trip of a life time.

Check out:

Day 1 – Hello Arizona

Day 2 – The Grand Canyon

Day 3 – The Horseshoe What?




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